New Developments

New Developments

Collaborative Family Law:

One of the latest developments in resolving Family Law disputes is the process referred to as Collaborative Divorce. This is a private, voluntary process. The main goal of Collaborative Divorce is to complete the dissolution of the marriage and the division of the parties Net Family Property without resorting to the courts.

Lawyers working in the Collaborative mode agree that they will not litigate the issues in dispute. They agree to work together with the parties to produce all of the necessary financial disclosures and to jointly retain the services of any experts that are needed in order to resolve disputes and to help the parties make good decisions for themselves and for their children. Collaborative Divorce is an excellent alternative to the standard mode of litigation. See the video clip below for further details.

Before making any changes to your family status or before signing any legal documents consult Bruce Gilpin to be fully advised of your legal rights and entitlements. No question is too small and all inquiries are welcomed. Tell a friend. He'll be standing by. Call today.


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