Cohabitation Law

Cohabitation Agreements

A Cohabitation Agreement is a domestic contract entered into by two persons who are not married to each other but who intend to live together as a couple. This agreement must be signed by both parties and witnessed by an adult. The purpose of a Cohabitation Agreement is to document the parties agreement regarding their respective rights and obligation towards each other during their cohabitation, upon the termination of their cohabitation, or upon the death of the other during cohabitation.

In their agreement, the parties may also document their agreement respecting the education and moral training of their children but they may not seek to limit the others right to child support or the right of custody or access to the children. The court reserves exclusive jurisdiction to make those determinations where the parties cannot agree after having considered all of the facts and the best interest of the children. If the parties marry, the Cohabitation Agreement is deemed to become a Marriage Contract.

Bruce Gilpin recommends that couples sign a cohabitation agreement before they begin living together because they provide the parties with guidance and greater certainty in resolving any disputes that may arise between themselves should their relationship break down and end prematurely.

Before making any changes to your family status or before signing any legal documents consult Bruce Gilpin to be fully advised of your legal rights and entitlements. No question is too small and all inquiries are welcomed. Tell a friend. He'll be standing by. Call today.


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