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Common Law Spouses

Common law spouses are people who live together in a permanent committed relationship without being married to each other. These couples may have children and they may own property together. The courts treat common law couples differently than they treat married couples. Married couples require a divorce before they may remarry and move on with their lives whereas, excepting for the issues of custody and access and support, common law couples may simply walk away from each other when the relationship ends.

Common law spouses have all the same rights as married couples to the custody of and access to their children, and the same rights and entitlements to pay and receive both child and spousal support. Common law couples do not accumulate family property in the same way that married couples do but under certain circumstances they may be entitled to share an interest in the property of the other spouse.

Bruce Gilpin recommends that common law couples consult him before making any changes to their family status or before signing any legal documents.

Before making any changes to your family status or before signing any legal documents consult Bruce Gilpin to be fully advised of your legal rights and entitlements. No question is too small and all inquiries are welcomed. Tell a friend. He'll be standing by. Call today.


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