Divorce Lawyer


Divorce is the procedure by which a marriage is legally terminated such that the former spouses are free to remarry and move on with their individual lives. A divorce may be achieved amicably for a modest cost, or it may be obtained after months or years of bitter litigation at a very high cost.

When litigation commences, terminating the marriage by divorce usually ranks at the bottom of the parties priority list - taking a back seat to all of the other issues in dispute between them including the custody of, and access to their children, support for their children, support for the other spouse and the equalization of the parties net family property.

After one year of separation the courts will grant a divorce with no reference to the reasons for the break down in the marriage.

In the absence of a mediated resolution, spouses have no other option than to litigate the issues in dispute. Mr. Gilpin recommends that couples attempt to mediate their disputes, but failing that, Mr. Gilpin has the experience to litigate the matter to the fullest extent of the law.


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