Family Property Law

Family Property

When a marriage breaks down, the spouses are entitled to share equally in all of the assets and wealth accumulated during the course of their marriage. This process of ascertaining the parties accumulated wealth and then dividing it into two equal shares is referred to as the equalization of net family property.

This issue alone can be the most bitterly contested and expensive problem to resolve in a matrimonial dispute. The reason for this is that the parties are required to make detailed financial disclosure when many of their records are very old and difficult to acquire. In addition the court will not speculate as to the value of any asset while at the same time the value of any particular asset may fluctuate. Mr. Gilpin has a good deal of experience in resolving equalization disputes and will guide his clients through the process to ensure that they achieve the best possible result.

Before making any changes to your family status or before signing any legal documents consult Bruce Gilpin to be fully advised of your legal rights and entitlements. No question is too small and all inquiries are welcomed. Tell a friend. He'll be standing by. Call today.


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