Mediation (Couples) Services

When a common law relationship or marriage breaks down, the parties must make decisions about the custody of, and access to their children, the support for their children and for each other, and the division of their net Family Property.

These decisions are emotionally charged and difficult to make, in part, because the parties legal rights and entitlements often conflict with each other.

Litigation is the traditional method for resolving these disputes, but it is expensive and results in irreparable damage to the relationships between the parties and their children. Mr. Gilpin recommends that the parties attend Couples Mediation before embarking on litigation.

The purpose of Couples Mediation is to facilitate productive communications between the parties with full knowledge of their legal rights and entitlements.

After the parties concerns have been fully addressed, and when all of the necessary financial information is in hand, Mr. Gilpin will explore the parties options for an equitable resolution to the issues in dispute so that they may formulate a Separation Agreement and avoid the emotional turmoil and expense associated with the traditional mode of litigation.

Mr. Gilpin invites all interested couples to schedule an appointment with him in order to review their circumstances and to assess how the mediation process will be effective for them.


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