Self-Represented Litigants, Legal Advice, Partial Retainer

Self-Represented Litigants

Were a party does not qualify for legal aid, and cannot afford to retain counsel, they have no other option but to represent themselves. Today, many of the people appearing before the family court are self-represented. In order to ensure that the courts function efficiently, counsel are encouraged to work with clients on a "partial retainer" basis to provide specific legal services in order to prepare the parties to represent themselves in court, or in mediation.

Legal Advice

Where counsel is fully retained, they become the solicitor of record and have carriage of all aspects of the litigation. Under a partial retainer, counsel is retained on a limited basis to provide a specific service, or a combination of services in order to support the self-represented client, without becoming the solicitor of record. These services may include, advising the client about their legal entitlements, developing a strategy for the case, drafting pleadings, assembling financial records, negotiating with opposing counsel, attending mediation, or appearing in court.

Partial Retainer

Bruce Gilpin also works with clients on a partial retainer basis to provide specific legal services. Family law litigation is complicated. Where a party will be self-represented, Bruce Gilpin recommends that they retain his services to be advised of their legal rights and entitlements before appearing in court as a self-represented litigant.

Bruce Gilpin serves clients in Ottawa West, Barrhaven, Nepean and Ottawa Centre. Call today.


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